additive manufacturing

the process

Additive Manufacturing or 3D printing, is a process where components, products, or parts are built up layer by layer by the selective deposition of materials. The list of materials is long – from lots of different plastic materials through to an array of widely used metal alloys. The additive manufacturing process is in complete contrast to the subtractive or deforming processes which are still predominantly used in manufacturing today.

With our strong network we deliver turnkey components made by additive manufacturing. We support our customers with all activities such as design, re-design, engineering, printing and post-processing, all under the umbrella of the highest quality standards.

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  • Define CAD / CAM
  • Optimize
    • Part Orientation
    • Layer Thickness
    • Support Design
    • Production Parameter
  • Define Production Documents
  • 3D printer for serial production

  • Stress relieve process
  • Removing parts from the build plate
  • HIPping process
  • CNC machining process
  • Surface treatments
  • Packaging and logistics

Constant Quality Control according Aerospace standards

freedom of form in design a disruptive technology on its way to industialization

The difference between additive and the conventional methods of production is unbelievable. The additive manufacturing process can realize geometrically complex objects that would not be feasible with conventional methods. A big advantage is the freedom of form in the design as well as a production without the need of toolings.

But every process – also the additive manufacturing – has its challenges. There are many open questions.

Post Processing of additive manufactured parts is one of the most discussed challenges at the moment. Surface treatment, roughness reduction, stress relieve, hot isostatic pressing and many more are challenged to find the right solutions for additive parts.

We can help you by finding answers as post processing is our core competence. Please have a look at our technology portfolio.

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Viviane Kettermann-Fernandes
Research & Development