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additive manufacturing needs post processing

Post Processing of additive manufactured products plays a very important role in the delivery of a final product. Surface properties, residual stresses as well as rest-porosities influence significantly the suitability of a printed part to fulfil its purpose. We have solutions!

Aalberts additive manufacturing offers a unique combination of advanced heat and surface treatment technology utilising a global network of service locations with excellent local knowledge to customers active in general industries, automotive, aerospace and power generation.

All with the strong support of our sister companies Aalberts surface treatment and Hauck Heat Treatment.

surface treatment

Through the use of environmentally friendly and resource-saving processes in proven production facilities at numerous Aalberts Group locations in Europe, Asia and America, our highly qualified and experienced staff ensure the finest quality and precision in functional surface treatment in order to meet the most stringent customer requirements.

heat treatment

Facilities in strategic locations around Europe, enabling us to offer all types of heat treatment processes. Our facilities are closely interlinked in terms of logistics, which means that all processes are available to you even if the specific process you seek is not available at the nearest heat treatment location.

We have divided our processes into five core technologies.

hot isostatic pressing

Hot Isostatic Pressing (HIP), or ‘Hipping’, is the simultaneous application of heat and high pressure to materials. This process is ideal to additive manufactured parts as it increases the quality of the product significantly.

roughness reduction

Roughness reduction is one of the most challenging tasks when post processing additive manufactured products. Please find out which solutions we can offer.  

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Viviane Kettermann-Fernandes
Research & Development