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process example CVD / PVD

Vapour Deposition is the English term for surface treatment through vapour. This vapour may be produced by Chemical reactions (CVD) or physical reactions (PVD). Chemical reactions occur at high temperatures (from 800 °C). Physical reactions occur from a plasma, which means that exactly through these reactions at very low temperatures (starting at room temperature), layers can be added. PVD can be applied to metals but also on ceramics, glass and plastics. These techniques originate combinations with unique properties.

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Available PVD processes are:

    • Magnetron  PVD: Various Coatings (Au, Sn, Cr, CrN, Ta etc.)
    • Arc PVD: TiN, TiCN, AlTiN, CrN, ZrCN, AlTiCN, AlTiCrN, AlCrTiN, TiAlCN, WC/C, Variantic®, Exxtral Plus®


Available CVD processes are:

    • TiN
    • TiC
    • CrC
    • Si



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